The European Academy of Specialized Studies was founded by Alaa AbdulKareemm Alrukaibawii, Emad Ali Suhail and Mokhalad Hamzah Jaddoa. It was registered in the United Kingdom with the number 1283739 with the Registrar of Companies with a specialization “First-degree level higher education, Post-graduate level higher education, Other education not elsewhere classified, Activities of professional membership organisations”, and obtained accreditation from the International Accreditation Organization and the Education Council in the United States of America.

Our Vision 

Vision of EASS is to become the standard-setting body for the accreditation, certification and qualification of knowledge, skills and competences in the Global Education & Training sector.

Our Mission 

The mission of EASS is to create Specialized Studies and professional education standards in Europe, enrich the professional European culture, and enhance both European as well as international relations and alliances.

The Goals of EASS are:

-To develop and promote common global frameworks and standards for education, training and qualifications;

-To promote the ethical, professional and technical development of human recourses and a high quality approach to specialized education, training and qualifications;

-To organize global events and projects and promote research within the Specialized studies sector;

-To develop and implement a common global system for accreditation, validation, certification and quality assurance of education, training and qualifications;

-To create added value for members and facilitate the sharing of good practice related to education, training and qualifications;

-To liaise with EU authorities and other competent authorities and organizations involved in the Specialized studies sector.


Academy Board of Directors
Dr. Alaa A. Alrukaibawi – President
Dr. Mokhalad Hamzah Jaddoa – Vice President
Dr. Faten Jaber Mahmoud – Member and Rapporteur
Dr. Ibraheem Atallah Alja’afreh – Member
Dr. Safaa Hussein Al-Janabi – Member
Dr. Emad Ali Suhail – Member
Mr. Obaid Amin Al-Luhaibi – Member