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EASS is awarded full academic accreditation from IAO

European Academy of Specialized Studies has successfully met all of the IAO’s accreditation requirements and as a result has been awarded Full Accreditation by IAO. The institute has been awarded Full Accreditation after evaluating it on IAO standards of the global best practices in Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance. IAO’s full accreditation is a proof that European Academy of Specialized Studies offers education to its students that is on par with global education standards and that the institute is fully committed towards continous improvement of its educational standards.


Name Nada Jabaar Lazim
Nationality Iraqi
Certificate Type Professional Certificate
Degree Master
Specialization Non-surgical Cosmetic Medicine
Certificate Date 11/05/2020


Name Raghad Mahmud Mirry Ihili
Nationality Iraqi
Certificate Type Certificate of Accreditation
Degree Certified Trainer
Start Date 13/04/2020
Exp Date 12/04/2021
Specialization Human Resource Development